Woman’s Hiking In The Mountains When She Comes Across 3 Big Dogs

Veronica was hiking in the mountains of the Angeles National Forest one day when a black creature caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. And it was no bear. It was a big dog — actually, three big dogs! They must’ve been abandoned here, and they were so malnourished you could see all of their ribs.

The dogs didn’t trust people, so they wouldn’t get in Veronica’s car. She left them food and water and thought to try again the next day. But she would get no help from animal control — they said the terrain was unsafe and to “stop calling.” So the kind woman decided to go up there every single day. And she did so for the next three weeks for 2-3 hours each time.

She spent this time feeding them and trying to gain their trust. And the day they started eating out of her hand, it was a breakthrough! But how do you rescue three dogs at once? She knew she couldn’t keep doing this forever. Luckily, Veronica was able to finally get ahold of a rescue group who’d help.

As the dogs were safely lowered down the mountain after being caught in the pen they set up as a trap, Veronica couldn’t help but cry at the thought that they were finally safe! At the kennel, their personalities really started shining through. Once they are all strong enough, they’ll be put up for adoption to place the cherry on top of this rescue story!