Baby Goose Sees His Favorite Person And Comes Waddling On Chunky Legs

Doug Carleton has gone to the same park in his city for years now, and being the animal person he is, has made friends with all of the geese there. There are eight geese in total who live there, and Doug even named each one of them! They have learned to trust in him and are always happy to see him. ūüôā

And when a new gosling was born, Doug named him Sam. Sam’s parents brought him over to meet Doug one day, and the two got to know each other and hit it off right away! Now anytime Doug shows up to the park, it’s Sam who comes waddling over first on those chubby little legs to greet him!

What a unique and amazing friendship this man shares with these wild geese. It’s great to see that such a bond can exist, and it speaks to the level of love possible in these animals. ūüôā