Injured Dog Lying In The Street Wags His Tail As Rescuers Approach

Animal Aid Unlimited learned of a stray dog who was injured by a car just lying in the road in need of help. He was extremely sweet and wagged his tail as the rescuers approached. It’s like this good boy knew he was about to get the care he needed! His injuries are quite gruesome, but there’s an unbelievable ending that makes it all worth it. ūüôā

Rescuers rushed the dog back to Animal Aid to begin the treatment. They sedated him to work on the deep lacerations, and he would need antibiotics to fight off the infection. The boy was exhausted from everything and could only sleep ‚ÄĒ but he would need lots of it anyway.

After nearly two months of treatment and rest, you’d never know the dog was in a position where his life was once on the line. Happy, healthy, and as good as new, wait until you see how Goldie turned out. Just amazing!