Golden Retriever Takes To The Water And Befriends A Dolphin

We know dogs are man’s best friend, but did you know that dolphins are the dogs of the sea? When the two can get together on rare occasion and mingle, it’s truly a sight to behold! They share a friendly and playful quality that’s perfectly compatible with one another despite being so very different on the outside!

Brett H. has been swimming with dolphins for 24 years. And in the video below, he records as his friend’s Golden Retriever spots and takes to a dolphin out in the water. Because of his experience with these majestic mammals, he knows the interaction will be just fine.

“I can assure that the dog is perfectly safe and it is just a beautiful interaction between two very playful animals,” he said on YouTube.

Watch as the two new friends swim around and play and play together! You love to see it. 🙂