Dog’s Just Along For The Ride When She Finds Out They’re Heading To The Park

If one thing’s for sure in life, it’s that dogs love going to the park. Ellie is just along for a ride with mom and dad when she realizes they’re heading to the dog park, and that’s when she starts to lose her mind! 😛

Dad asks, “Where are we?” Ellie then steps up in between them from the backseat to take a look. She recognizes this place, but she keeps looking around as if it’s too good to be true!

Ellie sees the other dogs and starts making a sound that her parents say they’ve never heard before. You’ve gotta hear it for yourself! 😀

The car finally comes to a stop, and Ellie excitedly honks the horn to let the dogs know she’s on her way! She takes off running toward the gate leaving mom and dad behind in the dust.

Does your dog get unusually excited when going to the dog park? Let us hear your stories in the comments!