Homeless Dog Sat Frozen In Fear Even Refusing To Eat A Bite Of Cheeseburger

Hope For Paws received an urgent text about a stray dog on a main road, and Eldad rushed to the location where the dog was last seen. He got in position to where the dog wouldn’t take off running into the road if spooked and brought out a cheeseburger to entice the little dog. But she was frozen in fear and refused to even acknowledge it.

The rescuer rubbed cheese on the gentle snare to hopefully keep the dog’s interest long enough to capture her — and it worked! She was very untrusting and unsure of everything, so Eldad took a minute to pet her and let her know everything was okay.

The dog started to relax, and he named her Glinda. They headed back to Hope For Paws where she could get a bath. They were so happy this dog wouldn’t have to spend another night alone.

Some belly rubs and playtime helped Glinda come out of her shell a bit. She continued on to her foster after receiving medical care, and Foxy and the Hounds is currently accepting applications for her adoption! 🙂

These rescues are possible thanks to your donations. If you can’t donate, simply sharing the video helps!