Mom Walks In On Little Girl Having A Party With A Horse In Her Bedroom

KK Phillips and her horse sibling, Sauce, are both five years old and the best of friends! The family got the horse at two years of age, and ever since the duo has been inseparable. Sauce stays out in the yard but comes to KK’s window every morning to greet her!

Ashlie Phillips

Mom, Ashlie Phillips, made a rule that the horse is allowed in the house sometimes but has to stay in the living room. But of course these partners in crime have to push the boundaries and bend the rules every once in a while! 😉

Ashlie Phillips

Then one day, Mom wondered where the two had gone off to and checked throughout the house. That’s when she came upon a little party going on in KK’s bedroom! It was hard to stay mad considering she snuck a giant horse back there. How precious are these two pals? 🙂

H/T The Dodo