Rescuer Leashes 110-Pound Stray, But The Dog Is Far Too Strong

Hope For Paws received a call about a stray staying at a truck stop about 2-1/2 hours away from their Los Angeles facilities, so they packed up for the trip. The Good Samaritan who made the call would wait entire time until they showed up. The huge dog had been dumped like trash and needed to be rescued.

Shortly after rescuers arrived, it became apparent that the huge dog was afraid of men. Gershwin just kept running away and wouldn’t let them near. Loreta Frankonyte would have to be the rescuer to do the job. She got down beside the dog in the grass and waited for the right moment.

Loreta finally leashed the dog, but he was so strong that he started dragging her around like a ragdoll. Eldad quickly ran over to assist her with the giant beast of a dog. Loreta did an amazing job of holding on and not letting go, and they were able to calm Gershwin down.

The dog started to realize they were there to help, and he ended up jumping right into the back of the vehicle as if to say, “I’m ready to be saved!” After two months alone in the desert heat, Gershwin was heading to Los Angeles.

Gershwin got a bath (and returned the favor by giving Loreta one too!), and that’s when they noticed the dog had an infection in his shoulder. After successful treatment, Gershwin was off to a foster home. The big guy still needs a forever home, so if you’d like to adopt him, check out the link below the video. 🙂

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