Grieving Mama Dog Raises Another Species After Losing All Of Her Puppies

Georgia was a stray dog found living at a gas station before being taken to Sunshine Dog Rescue. She went into premature labor and lost the entire litter, and the poor girl was devastated. She even tore up her mattress looking for her babies. That’s when the shelter got a great idea…

They recently took in a litter of orphaned kittens and decided to pair the mama dog with them. Georgia took to them right away, and things were suddenly looking up again! Finally, she got to be the mother she always wanted to be. 🙂

But her battles weren’t over with quite yet; Georgia was diagnosed with cancer some weeks later and had to undergo chemo. And she would overcome this challenge as well! All of the kittens were adopted out, except for one who would go along with Georgia to their very own forever home together. Amazing!