Man Felt He Was Betraying Stray Dog But Actually Saved His Life

Hope For Paws received a call asking them to save two dogs who’d been homeless for over two years. A Good Samaritan was caring for them but knew they needed and deserved more in life. He couldn’t keep them as he already had a small dog, and some neighbors wanted to get the girl and sell her pups.

But the man had a hard time letting them go. He felt as if he gained the dogs’ trust only to later betray them. But in reality, he was saving their lives. He could see the bigger picture and decided to do what’s right by handing them over to the people who could properly care for them and find them homes.

When rescuers got the bonded pair to the hospital, they found George had bone cancer. But thanks to donations, he was able to receive a life-saving surgery! He was taken back with Irene, and the two would go through training and rehabilitation together. 🙂