Rottweiler Gently Tosses Toys Back And Forth With Human Baby Brother

Big dogs are often viewed as being rough and aggressive just because of their size alone. Which, as you’ll see in the video below, is a very unfair stereotype. Just as not all pit bulls are vicious, not all big dogs are threatening. Young kids just have a certain way with dogs that can lead to beautiful, lifelong friendships!

Here, you’ll see Esther the Rottweiler playing with her human brother, 15-month-old Silas. As they toss the toys back and forth with each other, the giant dog couldn’t be more gentle with her little boy. The kid can take toys directly from her mouth and crawl on the dog, and she’s still the sweetest gentle giant you could ever ask for. Gotta love dogs!

*Always take caution when allowing a little kid around a dog and supervise their actions.