Dog Freaks Out When Owner Shows Him The Phone’s Front-Facing Camera

It’s always interesting to see which dogs respond to seeing their reflections in mirrors and in what way they react. Some look carefully and curiously trying to figure out what exactly is going on and others bark as if another dog just appeared right before their eyes! Well, the same thing applies to showing dogs a live video feed of themselves, and the person below just showed their dog the front-facing camera on their phone!

Knight the pit bull gazes into the camera closely as he first sees himself on video. He freaks out and excitedly takes a step back, which adds fuel to the fire in making him think it’s another dog making those sudden movements.

The dog approaches the front-facing camera again, and the little barks under his breath have put his pit bull sibling on high alert! 😀

The other dog comes into the room to see what in the world is going on, and they take a look together. Their minds are blown! Isn’t this funny?

Do you have any videos or pictures of your dog seeing itself and reacting hilariously? Share them in the comments!