Dog Gives Mom The Cold Shoulder After Picking Him Up From The Vet

Fritz and his owner, Bret Mortimer, often take drives to the local park for some nice play sessions. That’s why Fritz was under the impression that he was heading there on this particular day, but that wasn’t the case.

Bret Mortimer

Bret was actually taking Fritz to the vet to get his teeth checked and cleaned. It’s good for his health and needs to be done, but the good boy doesn’t understand that. So when Mom came back to pick him up, he gave her the cold shoulder.

Fritz wouldn’t even look her in the eye! 😀

But it didn’t take long for Fritz to get over it and forgive his mom. He was a little hesitant on their next trip to the park, but he was pretty happy afterward!

Bret Mortimer

Look at those pearly whites! 🙂

h/t – The Dodo