Tiny Frenchie Approaches Giant Labrador In An Attempt To Show Who’s Boss

There’s nothing more precious than watching two animals meet and interact for the very first time. And when two completely different-sized dogs are involved, it’s a recipe for unexpected cuteness! Just look at the tiny Frenchie puppy meeting the chocolate Labrador below. 🙂

Who’s the boss here? The Frenchie isn’t intimidated by the fact that the Lab is about four times her size, she’s not backing down! Those little bunny hops are too adorable. And that stare down? Priceless. These two clearly don’t care about the size difference, they just want to play!

These instant best friends are heartwarming to watch, and it’s hard not to smile the entire time. I only wish it were longer! But that’s okay. That’s why it’s on video — you can repeat it over and over to your heart’s desire!