Special Needs Dog Is So Grateful For This Woman Choosing To Save Her Life

Dogs like Freddie Mercury are often overlooked and ignored in the shelters. Special needs dogs require a little extra care, and people are scared away by the fact that the dogs could die any day. But Angela of Marley’s Mutts seeks out these forgotten dogs and gives them a second chance at life.

Angela tries not to get emotional at the shelters because she knows it doesn’t help a scared dog. But she couldn’t help herself in this case. She drove four hours to pick up Freddie Mercury, and when she saw the dog’s splayed out legs and overall condition she cried.

Freddie Mercury is so thankful and grateful to Angela for saving her life, and she lets her know all of the time. People often ask Angela how she rescues dogs knowing they could pass away at any time. Her answer:

“Dogs teach me to just have fun and be in the moment. I do my best to just enjoy this time right here, right now, and not worry about what happened yesterday or what I need to do for tomorrow.”