A Couple Of Fox Cubs Show Up To Play, Return Later With The Whole Family

Shawn Davis lives in a residential area in Illinois, so he was surprised one day to see a couple of fox cubs out back on his patio. And apparently, they enjoyed hanging out there so much that they had to go let the rest of their family know! ūüėÄ

Before long, they were back as the whole family consisting of the mom and dad and five kids. And they would continue to drop by and play and relax just about every single day! Being a private yard, Shawn thinks it made the family feel safe.

Of course, he had to catch their shenanigans on camera! Below is a compilation he put together from their visits and posted to his Facebook page.

As the young foxes have grown up and become more independent, the sessions have been less frequent as of late. But maybe when they have little ones of their own the visits will ramp back up once again! That’s the hope anyway, as the Davis family has quite enjoyed their company. ūüôā