Dad Opens Box For Pup’s First Ever Dog Bed, And Harper Can’t Wait

There’s nothing like a shelter dog or stray finding its loving forever home. The moment they step into that house and into their new family’s lives for the first time is the most special thing. The pet is about to live the life every dog deserves, and there’s so much to see and discover!

And for a dog who never had much, something as little as a dog bed makes such a huge difference. All some shelter dogs ever know are the hard concrete floors. So when Harper gets his very first dog bed, it’s something Dad just has to record and keep forever.

Dad opens the box to reveal the bed, and Harper can’t contain his excitement for what’s inside. The bed is barely out of the box and packaging for a second before this rescue is on it! And surprise — the bed also came with a brand new chew toy! What a happy day. 🙂