Family Looks At Their Fireplace, Sees An Owl Waving Back At Them

A family in England kept hearing weird noises coming from the fireplace, and they couldn’t figure out what was causing the sound. Then one day they looked at the fireplace and saw a tiny owl who appeared to be waving back at them. It was stuck and needed help.

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They felt bad that they didn’t know the poor owl was trapped in there and immediately called the RSPCA for help.

“The family had been hearing noises from the chimney and fireplace for a few days but had no idea there was a bird trapped inside until he fell all the way to the bottom,” said Lauren Bailey, an inspector with the RSPCA, in the press release.

<a href=httpswwwrspcaorguk rel=noopener noreferrer target= blank>RSPCA<a>

Lauren Bailey arrived at their home, and the little owl seemed happy to see her. She put on gloves and carefully removed the grill to safely remove the owl and take him to a nearby wildlife hospital.

“He was very thin and covered in soot so he’d obviously been stuck for some time,” Lauren said.

The owl is currently recovering in the animal hospital and doing well. When he’s back to full health, he’ll be released in the wild where he hopefully won’t find any more chimneys to investigate! 😉