Woman Divorces Man, So He Ties Her Husky Out To Waste Away For 2 Years

Finn the Husky was chained outside with no shelter and very little food and water for two years. The owners got a divorce, and the man took it out on his wife’s dog with severe neglection. When Pet Angels Rescue showed up to take him in, the dog was a bag of bones.

As soon as rescuers got the Husky into the car, he fell asleep and rested for the two-hour drive back to the shelter. Despite the boy’s health issues and emaciation, his strength surprised everyone. Now named Fonzie, he started to look forward to coming out of his kennel each day for play time! 🙂

For the first time in the dog’s life he was getting attention, and he absolutely loved it! Week by week, he would get better and better. And as his fur started coming back in, you could see that Husky tail curling up! His adopters came to see him early on in his recovery, and now Fonzie’s living his best life with them in his forever home. Amazing!