Dogs Are Dreaming Big And Finding Their Joy This Holiday Season

With it remaining hard to safely gather for any kind of social event, the holidays are primed to look quite different this year. But we keep finding ways to adapt and make the best of our situations, and that in itself is special. And one way we are able to do this is with the help of technology.

And humans aren’t the only ones dealing with these things. See Rufus in the video below! The dog has been unable to physically be with his best friend although his owner has found a way to keep in touch with the help of video games and video chats. There’s where some big dreaming comes into play. 😉

Through the power of dreams, technology, and determination, these dogs have found their joy this Christmas. They too can experience the happiness of friendship and togetherness as shown in this clever Microsoft commercial for the 2020 holiday season. 🙂