Dog Finally Catches His Tail, Has No Idea What To Do With Himself

That’s one small step for Levi, one giant leap for dogkind. Like all dogs, Levi was born with the task of catching his own tail. But most dogs have tried and failed for their entire lives. That’s why when Levi finally grabbed ahold of it, it was a bit of a shocking moment.

He’d always been followed by something wagging and wiggling on his trail. No matter how fast or slow he’d go, it was right there. Levi tried over and over to let the appendage know who’s boss, but it forever eluded him. Until that fateful day…

After many failed attempts, he finally caught it! “He was so proud. He held this pose for probably close to a minute,” Tyson Lee Jones told The Dodo. “He held it for so long, just staring at me. ‘Look at me Dad!'”

But now what? It was a very proud moment, but the excitement quickly started to fade as he sat wondering what was next. Was this it? Was it all downhill from here?

That look says it all. After all of the hype, it all just seemed a little anticlimactic. There was only one thing left to do; Levi set his tail free.

“After he let go, he kind of stared at it for a few more seconds,” Levi’s Dad said, “and then sprung off the couch on to his next adventure.”

There’s no reason to feel bad for Levi. He set out to do what seemed to be impossible and accomplished his goal. In a home with a loving owner and two dog siblings, there are many more adventures to be had and things to do.

At least now he knows what’s lurking back there. Levi has no regrets.

Photo credits: Tyson Lee Jones
h/t The Dodo