Mom Has Great Dane Fetch The Paper, But The Pup Deems It A Threat

Ellie the Great Dane is a good girl, but she’s still new to this world and many of life’s experiences. So when Mom has her attempt to fetch the newspaper for the very first time, it doesn’t quite go as planned. ūüėÄ

All seems to be going well at first as Ellie comes trotting to Mom with the newspaper in her mouth. But things suddenly take a turn as the Great Dane discovers the fun that can be had here! She rips the bag at first, no big deal. But for the actual paper itself…

Ellie starts tearing it to shreds! “We definitely need to work on your technique,” Mom says. The silly girl makes a better paper shredder than paper carrier! It could be the fact that she didn’t want her owners to read any bad news ‚ÄĒ the Great Dane did save the Sunday funnies for them! ūüôā