Homeless Dog Taking Refuge In The Mountains Just Needed To Feel Love

Hope For Paws received a call about a homeless dog taking refuge in the mountains. The poor thing was alone and surrounded by predators, and she just needed a helping hand. The dog would try to run if approached, so rescuers set up a barrier.

She trusted Eldad enough to take some food right from his hands, and that was a good sign. After a few minutes, the dog was calm enough to allow him to place the Lucky Leash around her neck. This was the beginning of Fergie’s new life. 🙂

Fergie had no microchip. So Hope For Paws took her back to get all cleaned up, and the makeover did wonders! The dog received medical care at the hospital for a few days before going on to a foster home with The Forgotten Dog Foundation.

Fergie is now extremely playful and comfortable in her own skin. She just needs some help finding a loving forever home. 🙂

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