Tiny Kitten Is Found Barely Hanging On In A Ditch, Too Weak To Move On His Own

Animal Aid Unlimited not only rescues dogs, they save all sorts of animals in need throughout India — including cats! In the video below, they set out to rescue a tiny kitten found dying in a drain. There’s some blood so it may be hard to watch at first, but this little guy is as good as new by the end! 🙂

The rescuers took the feral kitty back to the hospital, and he was so scared but alert to his surroundings. It turns out the cat had fallen and hit his nose, so he was treated for pain and kept for observation. And it took a little coaxing, but here the kitten decided he loves food!

After just a few days in the safety of their shelter, the little guy recovered and sprang back into action! Without help, he surely would’ve died there alone in the gutter. Wait until you see Feisty now! 🙂