Mama & Kittens Living In An Old Couch Were About To Be Thrown In The Trash

Hope For Paws was alerted by a text from a young girl about a situation where a mother cat and her kittens were taking refuge in an old couch. Without intervention, they’d soon be thrown out with the trash by the garbage collectors. It was time for action.

Eldad and Loreta used tuna and a crate to lure out the mama first. Once they had her, they searched the couch for the kittens. And deep inside the bottom corner they sat. They couldn’t really see them, so they started pulling them out one by one. Most of them had eye infections.

The cat family was loaded up and taken back to the hospital for evaluations. They really hoped little Todd had a good eye underneath all of that crust — and he did! They were all happy and healthy and headed on to their foster with Kitty Bungalow. If you’d like to adopt mama Kimberly or any of the kittens — Todd, Ella, Patty, or James — you can contact them. 🙂