Dog Takes Over FaceTime Chat After Mom Falls Asleep Talking To Boyfriend

Leo is a little fluffy Chihuahua who lives with his mom, Brookelyn Bilski. They’re always by each other’s side, so when Brookelyn was chatting with her boyfriend over FaceTime one night, Leo was right next to her. But then something happened — she nodded off.

Sam Stine

Her boyfriend, Sam Stine, watched as his girlfriend fell asleep via the live video. Thankfully, Leo knew just what to do.

“I watched Leo walk over to the phone and stare directly into my eyes,” Sam told the Press Association.

Sam Stine

Just when Sam thought he was going to be alone in the videochat, there was Leo. He captured a picture of the dog looking into his mom’s phone. The good boy wasn’t about to leave Sam hanging! 😀

Sam Stine

Sam posted the story to Twitter, and it took the internet by storm.

Sam said that they had a “deep conversation about mental health and our feelings.” It turns out Leo is a pretty good conversationalist! 😀

h/t The Dodo