Dog FaceTimes Mom And Makes Convincing Plea For Her To Come Home

Sometimes we have to go away and leave our dogs, and it’s never easy to do. It helps to know they are being taken care of by family and friends whom you love and trust, but you’re going to miss them. Thankfully, with today’s technology it’s a lot easier to stay in touch.

In the video below, the Chow Chow is connecting with Mom via FaceTime to tell her how much she misses her and loves her. Mom had to be away for three weeks for a business trip, and this back and forth really shows the bond between the two. The dog makes a pretty convincing argument for Mom to get back home ASAP! 😉

The daughter explained: “My chow chow was talking to my mom on FaceTime, telling her she loves her. She looked really sad, because my mom was away for 3 weeks for work.”