Experts Now Know What Our Dogs Actually Dream About

We’ve all seen our dogs in what seems to be a dreaming state while sleeping and have wondered if it could be true. Do dogs actually dream the way we do? It turns out, yes they do. Well, a clinical and evolutionary psychologist from Harvard medical school told People Magazine what she thinks dogs and cats dream about. And people are loving it. 🙂

It is known that pets enter the R.E.M. period of sleep just as we do, so they do in fact dream. But what do they dream about? Dr. Barrett says considering cats are basically tiny lions, they probably dream of hunting and killing. No big surprise there I guess. 😛

But as for dogs, it’s exactly what you’ve always hoped. Based on how dogs seem to move lightly and wag their tails while sleeping, it suggests they dream about playing. And since your dog plays with you, it’s concluded that dogs are dreaming about their owners! How sweet is that? 🙂