Woman And Her Dachshund Entertain The Masses When The Music Hits

Is there anything better than a dancing wiener dog? With over 1,800,000 views on YouTube, I think we have our answer! Emily and Henrietta are the ultimate dancing duo, and their routines are so good I could watch them all day! ūüôā

The music starts, and Emily takes center stage as her Dachshund approaches from behind. From the very beginning, you can’t help but be captivated by the performance to come. It’s apparent that the dog has had lots of successful training to turn her into the dancing wiener dog that she is!

One of the keys to being able to perform together like this is the bond the two share in everyday life. They do everything together, so when it comes to creating and performing a routine, they already know each other inside and out. They can practically predict the other’s next move before it happens!

Emily and Henrietta twirl, jump, leap, and tap their way around the studio to an old saloon-style song, and they even look the part! The video and dance ends with Emily tossing her flat cap across the room and the Dachshund retrieving it and running it back to her mom who’s lying on the floor. The dog jumps on her back and helps place the cap right back on her head. ūüôā