Abused And Neglected Dog Runs Away From Home, Finds Life Of Love

This is the story of Emerson. The dog was neglected and abused for so long, one day he decided to take matters into his own hands and run away from home. The little dog ended up at the shelter, and he couldn’t stop shaking. He was so scared.

After a lifetime of poor dental care, he only had a few teeth left. Emerson had various medical problems including a wound on his leg from his skin falling off because of severe matting. They prepped him for surgery hoping they could save the leg.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t save the leg. But this was a win for Emerson’s life in every other possible way. He now lives with his new mom, Michaela, and family and absolutely loves life. This is such a dramatic change for a dog who once sat there shivering in fear.

Wait until you see little Emerson now. 🙂