Rugged Stray Approached Strangers And Asked Them To Rescue Her And Her Friend

In Romania, a stray dog who’d seen better days approached these strangers and asked them to rescue her, but she couldn’t leave her friend behind. It was Ray Animal Rescue, and they’d been looking for the friendly girl for over an hour. Elsie offered her paw, and they loaded the two friends into the car for rescue!

And off to the vet they headed. Elsie had a terrible condition that left her skin pink, so she received medicated baths for about two months. Hugo checked out okay and was quickly adopted. But it was a different story for Elsie…

Elsa had to continue treatment, and not many dogs liked her because she was so big. But then Andreea and Maria stepped in as foster parents! Around six months later, the dog was looking so different now. They were only supposed to keep her for two or three days, and when her family-to-be showed up to get her, the fosters couldn’t let her go. Sweet Elsie was a foster failure and already home! 🙂