Loyal Dog Dumped At Shelter With Her Teddy Bear Finds A Dad Who’d Never Do That To Her

A one-year-old Blue Lacy dog named Ellie lived with her family near Dallas, Texas, until one day when they decided to surrender her to a local shelter. All she could do was cling to the only thing she had left in the world, her giant teddy bear.

The family went through all of the trouble of getting her shots, her spay surgery, and a microchip, and then dumped her just months later. She lost everything she’d ever known and ended up at a loud and scary shelter that euthanizes for space.

Ellie was so scared and spent almost all of her time snuggled up with the teddy bear. But thankfully, she wouldn’t be there long. Jennifer Jessup, an independent dog rescuer based in New York City, contacted her brother in Florida who’d been looking to adopt a Blue Lacy dog. Jennifer searched online and found Ellie with the help of TAGG Rescue.

A friend of Jennifer went and picked Ellie up along with her teddy bear and took her to a boarding facility where they bathed her and made sure her paperwork was in order. After one night there, Ellie was placed in a foster home until she could be moved to Florida. She was feeling a little better in a home but still continued to cling to her teddy bear.

The foster family tried to take a photo of Ellie without her teddy bear, but she curled up in fear. When they gave it back to her, she grabbed it as if to never let go again.

The day had come for Ellie to finally meet her new dad. TWD Transport loaded the sweet girl up and drove her from Texas to Florida!

Ellie was exhausted after the long trip, but the man planned on spending the day with her trying to perk her up. She was very timid and the trip was a long one, so it would take some time for her to come out of her shell.

But one thing is for sure: Jennifer is certain that Ellie has found the perfect home with her brother!

The dog has calmed down a lot after receiving lots of attention and affection from her new owner, and she’s fitting in better by the day! And her dad absolutely loves her. 🙂

Photo credits: Jennifer Jessup
h/t The Dodo