Large Elk And German Shepherd Try Playing ‘Tag’ On Opposite Sides Of A Fence

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff has seen some amazing things in their time, but one of the officers gets a front row seat every year to quite the spectacle when a herd of elk comes to visit. The officer’s dog, Trygge, engages with the herd leader in their own special game on “tag.” 😉

It’s a friendship that is never forgotten as this has been going on for years now. The German Shepherd and large bull elk greet each other on opposite sides of the fence on the property and then proceed to chase each other along the entirety of it!

The two are never aggressive toward each other and always seem to be having so much fun! The bull elk could even easily jump the fence and be in the yard with the dog, but they’re both content with the relationship as is — just two animals playing a game of friendly wagers!