Baby Kangaroo Is Rescued By Family With Dogs, And Now He Thinks He’s One

Ashley Stewart decided to bring home an orphaned baby kangaroo a few years back. The little joey made himself at home and blended right in — quite literally. Dusty the kangaroo now thinks he’s a dog! 😀

The kangaroo’s mother was hit by a car and killed, and that’s when Ashley and his family made the decision to bring the joey home. Dusty was pretty young at the time, and it’s hard to tell if he would’ve been able to survive in the wild on his own.

When Dusty met the family’s two dogs, Rosie and Lilly, they bonded immediately. Lilly took a particular interest in Dusty as if he were her own. This all led the joey into living the life of a dog! 🙂

“He’s either eating or sleeping. He’s a very placid creature, and every time you walk out the door if he’s not laying in his bed he comes up and wants a pat and a scratch,” Ashley told Daily Mail.

The family also says the kangaroo, in true dog fashion, doesn’t care much for their cat! Dusty loves his new family, and they just took in a third dog so that there would always be two pairs. What an incredible story!