Dreamy Dog Finds Herself Surrounded By People Wanting To Help

Animal Aid Unlimited arrived on scene to see a dog in need surrounded by so many caring people who just wanted to help in any way possible. Even if there was nothing they could personally do, they wanted to be by her side. The gentle girl had a huge wound on her back that had been made worse by maggots. She must have been away for days, because when she returned, these neighbors were horrified to see her like this.

The dog was rushed to the hospital where they sedated her to shave and clean the wound. She was so relaxed and cooperative throughout the entire process, they called her Dreamy! It wasn’t long before her wounds had almost completely closed, but they would spay her and keep her under their care until she was totally healed up.

And just three weeks later, Dreamy looked as if she’d never suffered at all! Just wait until you see the beautiful dog now. 🙂