Badly Wounded Dog Stuck In A Gate Could Only Wait For Rescuers To Arrive

An elderly dog was stuck in a gate and needed help in the worst way. Not only was she stuck and unable to move, she was badly wounded. Huge, maggot-infested wounds covered her hips and rear and required intense treatment. But first, to free her…

The bars were far too narrow to pull the dog out, so Animal Aid decided they would have to cut one. It really makes you wonder how she squeezed in there in the first place! After finally freeing her, it was back to the Animal Aid facilities.

It was there that they named her Dotty and immediately began treatment. They gave her fluids for dehydration and began cleaning the wounds. The wounds were so severe, they would need daily care for many weeks to come.

And that’s exactly what would happen. Animal Aid workers were committed to bringing this old girl back to health and happiness.

Dotty was old and weakened by injuries, but she was strong and full of fight. Meet Dotty today… 🙂

She’s so happy and full of life! It’s amazing to look back at where she came from and what she had to overcome. If you’d like to help Animal Aid Unlimited, follow the link here.