Dog Found Starving Because Of Broken Jaw Has The Best Smile Now

Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about a stray dog who hadn’t moved from the same spot in two days, so they set out to see what was the matter. It turned out the dog was starving because of her broken jaw, and all she could do was lie there.

Rescuers immediately took her back to the facilities to start working on her right away. The poor dog was too weak to even stand, so they lied her down carefully on the table. They examined her broken jaw and saw that several of her teeth were also broken, so they attached a wire around her lower jaw to help heal the fracture.

Stabilizing her jaw allowed her to start eating once again, and in turn allowed her to gain back some strength. Without surgery to fix her jaw, the poor stray would’ve never eaten again.

But because of donations, Animal Aid was able to rescue this sad girl just in time and bring her back to health. Just wait until you see Dory today! 🙂

From a starving stray with a broken jaw to a beautiful girl with the best smile ever, Dory has come a long way in a short amount of time. Isn’t it amazing?

If you’d like to help Animal Aid Unlimited continue to save street animals in India, you can do so here.