After 6 Months Of No Eye Contact, Dad Figures Out Adopted Dog’s True Passion

Dogs rescued from abusive and neglectful pasts often take some time to fit into their new lives. Everything they’d ever known is wrong, and they have to learn to accept love for the very first time. And each dog handles it differently. The story about a dog named Penni is a special one because for the longest time, she wouldn’t even look at her new dad.

Penni lived in the basement of a drug house and was in pretty bad shape. After years of that kind of a lifestyle, it’s bound to take a toll. Things would change after she was rescued and adopted by a man named Blaine. But not right away.

For the first six months of her new life with her dad, Penni wouldn’t even make eye contact. She would just sit in the corner with her head down unwilling to go on walks. As he said, “She was a full-blown disaster.” He had never met a dog so scared of everything.

They then moved from New Jersey to Las Vegas, and that’s where Penni’s true passion in life would be discovered. Blaine started taking her on hikes, and he slowly started to see her demeanor change. Little by little, she was finally coming out of her shell. Who would’ve thought hiking would be the thing to bring life back into this sweet pit bull? Penni still has some anxiety, but her life has changed in a big way.

And dad wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world.

Pit Bull With Rough Past Goes On Epic Hikes Now

This dog used to be so scared of everything — until her dad figured out her passion in life.

Posted by The Dodo on Sunday, September 3, 2017