Mom Comes Home And Awaits The Greeting From Her Two Dogs

Erin Joyce and her partner, Dean, live in Victoria, Australia, with their two dogs. And the dogs would always try to smell them through the fence any time they pulled in the driveway. To help them out, they got the idea to cut six perfectly-sized holes in that fence! ūüôā

In the video below, you’ll see as Mom is arriving home from work. As she pulls up to the house, she awaits the greeting that she gets every single day. Just look at the holes in the fence and you’ll eventually see them!

Shortly after the one peeks through, the other shows up! Billie and Seymour love to be able to see Mom and Dad from the other side of the fence and look at what’s going on out there. They appear to be very used to it at this point, and I have to say, it’s great! ūüôā