Abused And Neglected Dog Has First Thanksgiving And Invites All Of His Friends

Rocky Kanaka was reflecting on the fact that every year, he gets to have Thanksgiving dinner with his dogs. But so many shelter dogs across the country aren’t fortunate enough to partake in such a thing, and he wanted to do something about that.

So Rocky and his team made up all kinds of dog-approved Thanksgiving meals and took them to Marley’s Mutts for their very first “Barksgiving.” 🙂

The abused and neglected dogs and all of their friends sat at the table and ate their meals together, and it showed that they aren’t all that different from us in terms of appreciation and family get-together unruliness. 😉

Sadly, Titan passed away soon after this video, but we can take comfort in the fact that he got to spend the holidays surrounded by the people and dogs who love him most.