Dogs Are Very Adamant That The Couch ‘Exploded’ While Mom Was Away

These dogs know what it looks like, but they did not tear apart the couch and throw the stuffing all over the place! There’s a much more logical explanation here: the couch exploded. Yeah, that’s it! Out of nowhere and while Mom was out of the house, the couch just happened to blow up. That’s their story and they’re sticking to it!

Mom had this to say about the incident:

“I had left my Boxer girls Athena and Freyja alone in the house for 20 minutes while I left to pick up our dinner. I specifically said to them before I left to ‘be good girls’ and I know they are good listeners and would never disobey me. You can imagine my surprise when I came home to every dog owner’s nightmare….the couch had exploded! I know in my heart my two angels did not tear open my couch and throw fluff all over the place! Thank god they were not hurt! I’m sure it could have spread to the chairs if they were not there to stop it!” 😉