Man Takes Homeless Dog To Pet Store To Buy Him Everything He Touches

Rocky Kanaka is at it again, and this time he’s taking a homeless dog named King to a pet store and buying him anything and everything he touches! King was abandoned and hit by a car and ended up losing a leg, but now he’s doing great. He just needs a forever home. But first, a shopping spree fit for a dog! ūüėõ

Rocky takes King to the local Petco with the intention of buying the dog literally everything he touches. And for a dog who’s never been in a pet store and has maybe even never seen a toy, the excitement level was through the roof!

When Rocky said he’d buy anything the dog touched, he meant anything. Yep, even that giant cat tower! This is the best and such a wonderful thing to do for a dog in need. The video is a little longer than most but definitely worth your time, trust us!