Dog Abandoned Because Of Her Unique Smile Now Has A Brother To Love

Just when you think you’ve heard every excuse in the book, you hear another reason why someone abandoned their dog. This time, a sweet girl was given up because of her unique smile. Her owner didn’t think she was cute enough and decided he didn’t want her anymore. But that led to the dog finding her best friend.

Miss P (Piggy) came from a bad breeder and was always scared and nervous around people. So when she was rescued and met her new brother, it was perfect. The little dog helped her feel safe and secure and provided lots of love. Piggy was flashing that adorable smile all the time! 🙂

They’d been together for two years and everything seemed to be going great. But then their owner became too sick to take care of them and was forced to give them up. It made her incredibly sad, but it had to be done. Now Piggy and Happy need a new home.

The two best friends are now at a foster, and they need to be adopted together. Obviously these two could never be split up as they are a bonded pair.

The dogs are always by each other’s side and going on adventures together. And now they face this next challenge in life together. Watch their video below and help these cuties find the home they deserve. 🙂

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