Little Dog’s Day Is Made When Owner Takes Her To Target

For a young pup with the whole world to explore, every new place is an adventure. So when Zira the Corgi/Mini Aussie mix got to take a trip to Target, it made her day! The pictures of her enthusiastic smile have made the rounds on the internet, and it’s easy to see why.

Actually, this was the second time being at Target for the four-month-old pup, according to her owner. But since Zira slept through the entire first trip, it was all new to her this time around. “She reminded us so much of Rose from Titanic, the way she leaned against the front of the cart, looking out into the world of Target for the first time! We could tell she loved it so much,” Jesse told Bored Panda.

Like every puppy, the little Corgi mix is always looking for something new to chew on. “She loves getting new toys, ones that squeak, crinkle, or bounce. And since she’s our first dog, she gets spoiled as much as possible!” said Jesse.

It turns out Zira isn’t the only dog who loves taking trips to Target! 🙂

Remember to always check and make sure dogs are allowed in stores before taking them. And use caution when putting your pup in a shopping cart! 🙂

h/t Bored Panda