People Are Leaving Sticks At The Statue Of A Dog Guarding His Owner’s Grave

Rex the dog was owned by a fruit merchant named John E. Stow who passed away over 100 years ago, and the pet was forever immortalized with a statue at the foot of his grave. People have been leaving sticks at the foot of the bronze statue in the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn to pay respect to one of man’s best friends.

Brecht BugFlickr

It’s unclear if the dog is actually buried beneath the statue itself, but it’s quite likely. And Rex isn’t the only dog honored on the popular and well-known burial grounds. There’s another dog statue that gets treated to some toys every once in a while. 🙂

What a lovely gesture for the four-legged companion! As the quote says, “He is still a good boy.” 🙂

H/T – Penn Live