Dog Tangled In Soccer Net Is So Happy To Be Freed He Rolls Onto His Back For A Belly Rub

Animal Aid Unlimited got word of a stray dog who’d become tangled in a soccer net and needed help. It was very hot and the dog had no shade or water, and no one knew exactly how long he’d been stuck. So rescuers got to work…

Upon approaching, they could immediately tell the dog was a sweetheart. And after they managed to cut him free, he flipped over onto his back while wagging his tail as if he wanted a nice belly rub! 🙂 They fed the friendly dog and took him back to Animal Aid.

They treated him for mange and allowed the proper time to heal and rest. And now he’s back to the healthy, sweet dog he used to be! Don’t allow a predicament to become a tragedy — donate today. 🙂