Woman Renovates The Crawl Space Under The Stairs Into A Room For Her Dogs

Liz Greenwalt decided to renovate the crawl space under the stairs for her Golden Retrievers. It’d take a lot of creativity and time, but the end result sure would be worth it! I think this is a room any dog would be jealous of! ūüėÄ

“I built my dogs their own miniature bedroom under the stairs in my house. The video is just a small glimpse into the work that was done. I work full-time so I only had time to work on this after work and on some weekends. Overall it took me about two weeks,” she said.

Liz continued, “I started with a blank slate, so I had to wire the electrical, I added a ceiling light and an outlet for a fan. I framed in a couple of different walls and drywalled those. Then I laid the flooring. Then of course I did the wallpaper for a fun finish and added a floating water bowl. My older dog, Cali, goes in there when she gets sick of the three-month-old puppy.” Amazing!