Dog Eats Her Food Only To Find Her Reflection In The Bottom Of The Bowl

One of the things that we love so much about dogs is their genuine curiosity of the unknown. You can see the amazement on their faces as they discover new things about life. In the video below, the Australian Shepherd is eating out of her brand new shiny food bowl for the first time. Let’s just say she wasn’t prepared to see her reflection staring back at her! ūüėÄ

The dog’s eating and everything’s going smoothly until she gets a little deeper into the bowl. That’s when she spots a dog face and begins to freak out! She gives it a second look and jumps back in a confused but playful manner.

Mom assures her that it’s okay, and the Australian Shepherd goes back to finish off her dinner. The dog’s totally unsure of what she’s seeing, and her reaction is too priceless. You gotta love it! ūüôā

In a surprising twist, the dog’s over it in just a matter of seconds and goes back to eating like nothing ever happened! Dogs sure can move past things quickly, especially when there’s food involved!