Dog Sees Her Groomer Out In Public, Has To Greet Her

You know when kids are surprised to see their teachers out in public as if it’s weird that they have lives outside of the classroom? That must’ve been what it was like for this dog to see her groomer while out and about! I mean, the look on Muffin’s face said it all. ūüėÄ

Lisa Granade

Muffin gets groomed by Lisa Granade at Happy at Home Pet Grooming, and the two have formed quite the bond over the years.

Lisa Granade

One day, Muffin was on a walk with her owner when someone stopped and called out to them. It was Lisa! And when Muffin heard the familiar voice, she started looking around. When the dog turned and saw Lisa, she was stunned and excited at the same time!

“I think she was totally bamboozled!” Lisa told The Dodo. “She could not figure out why I wasn’t in the salon.”

Lisa Granade

What a nice surprise! These types of friendships are what groomers cherish most about their work, and Lisa wouldn’t trade it for the world. ūüôā

h/t The Dodo