Man Gets Out Of Car At Stoplight To Introduce His Puppy To A Curious Dog

Some days, you’re just in the right place at the right time. And Celina Romera got a front row seat to one of the sweetest impromptu meetings you’ll ever see. The pup in the car in front of her was checking out a dog next to them, and while at the stoplight, the man got out with the pup to introduce the two dogs.

“I just witnessed the purest thing ever.”

The curious dog leaned out the window as the man brought his pup over, and the two dogs got some nice sniffs in before the light changed.

You can hear Celina say, “It’s okay, man. Take your time.” 😀

I wouldn’t mind a bit of a traffic delay for this cuteness either! What an adorable and wholesome gesture. 🙂